Welcome to the KSIAM 2013 Spring Conference


Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering are now widely accepted, along with theory and experiment, as a crucial tool of scientific investigation and engineering design. A wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automobile, biological, chemical, semiconductor, environmental engineering, sesmic exploration, entertainment areas, and IT now rely on mathematical theories and simulations for R&D and technical decision support.

KSIAM is conducting conferences to draw attention to broad range of mathematical theories/methods and computational efforts on problems arising from science and engineering. One of major aims of KSIAM's conferences is to provide opportunities for the development and encouragement of industrial, government and academic collaboration, and the training of the next generation of scientists in Korea.

Conference Co-Chairs
  • LIM, Cheol Ho (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
  • Park, Eunjae (Yonsei University)

Organizing Committee
  • Kang, Hyeonbae (Inha University)
  • Lee, Eunjung (Yonsei University)
  • Kang, Myungjoo (Seoul N. University)
  • Park, Chunjae (Konkuk University)
  • Min, Chohong (Ewha Womans University)
  • Park, Sangwoo (National Security Research Institute)
  • Lee, jeehyun (Yonsei University)
  • Shin, SangJoon (Seoul N. University)
Special Session Organizers
  • Cheon, Junghee (Seoul N. University)
  • Kim, Junseok (Korea University)
  • Cho, Jinyeon (Inha University)
  • Kang, Wanmo (KAIST)
  • Lim, Mikyoung (KAIST)
  • Jung, Yunmo (Yonsei University)

All KSIAM members are invited to participate this meeting. Also scientists from industries, research institutes or academic institutes, domestic or abroad, and students interested in Industrial and Applied Mathematics are welcome. Your participation shall contribute to sharing research problems in industries and applied mathematics, and future collaborlation between applied mathematicians and scientists from various areas of industries and related research institutes.

  • Special Session Talks: If you are interested in contributing to special themes, please contact one of special session organizers managing the session you are interested in. If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, please see below.
  • Contributed Talks: Contributions are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Every contributed talk will be scheduled for 20 minutes including questions and answers.
    Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the talk title and extended abstract (2~6 pages) of your talk.
  • Poster Presentations: Posters are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Poster session will be scheduled for 30 minutes after lunch of the second day of the conference. Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the title and abstract(2~6 pages). The poster dimensions are 90 cm (width) X 120 cm(height).
Registration Information
  • Early registration for administrative convenience: May 10, 2013(Participation Only)
  • Registration Fee:
    • Regular Member with annual membership : 120,000 Won
    • Student Member with annunal membership : 80,000 Won
    • Regular Member : 70,000 Won
    • Professors or Doctors (Non-Member) : 80,000 Won
    • Students : 50,000 Won
Membership and Subscription Fee

If you intend to subscribe a KSIAM membership, please fill out the KSIAM membership subscription form (Domestic : hwp, Foreign : doc, pdf) and submit the form to the registration desk with corresponding amount of membership fee plus Subscription fee. For more information, please email to KSIAM.
A KSIAM member may pay 2013 KSIAM annual membership fee at the registration desk.

  • 2013 Membership Fee:
    • Annual regular membership fee with journal subscription : 50,000 Won
    • Annual student membership fee with journal subscription : 30,000 Won
    • Lifetime membership fee: 800,000 Won
Conference Proceedings
  • Abstract Preparation: We will make a conference proceeding consisting of abstracts of to-be-spoken talks in advance.
    Every speaker should submit extended abstract in English or Korean ; 2 ~ 6 pages
  • Extended Abstract Format: LaTeX, Msword(doc), Hwp(hangul) templates for extended abstract are provided below.
    You should use one of the following templates. If you have any problem with the files, please send an email to KSIAM
  • Abstract Upload: Every paper should be submitted in Portable Document Format (pdf).
    Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the title and extended abstract of your talk.

  • Proceeding: Every registered participant can get a hard copy of the conference proceeding at the conference registration desk.
  • Creating a Portable Document Format(pdf) File
    • Install and select a PostScript printer driver. We recommend Adobe Systems' PostScript Driver. In your word processor, on the File menu, click Print. Select the PostScript printer which will be used to generate the file. Select the Print to File check box, and then click OK. In the File name box, type a file name. The file is saved with a '.prn' extension by default. Rename the file to give it the extension '.ps'.
    • PostScript-to-PDF converter : ps2pdf, www.ps2pdf.com

Program Schedule Venue and Accommodation
KSIAM Young Researcher Award(신진연구자 우수 논문상, 계산 공학 부문)   
  • 대상: 석사, 박사과정 중의 연구 또는 학위 논문에 기초한 연구로서 제1 저자가 연구를 수행한 석,박사 학생 혹은 졸업자인 논문
  • 응모 자격 :
      1. 국내 대학 석사 혹은 박사 과정의 재학생 또는 졸업 후 2년이 경과하지 않은 졸업자.
      2. 논문은 응모자가 석, 박사과정 재학 중에 수행된 연구에 관한 내용이어야 함.
      3. 응모자는 해당 논문의 제1 저자이어야 함.
      4. 응모 논문이 수상 논문으로 선정될 경우 응모자(제1저자)가 반드시 발표하여야 함.
  • 응모 방법 : 아래 서류를 e-mail로 KSIAM 이은정 이사( eunjunglee@yonsei.ac.kr)에게 4월 26일 까지 제출함.
      1. 논문상 응모 신청서(hwp파일, pdf 파일)
      2. 심사용 논문
      3. KSIAM에서 제공하는 Extended abstract 양식을 이용한 2쪽 이상 6쪽 이하의 Extended abstract
  • 응모 마감 : 4월 26일
  • 수상 내용 : 상장 및 상금
  • 심사방법 및 시상 : 논문상 심사위원회에서 선정하며 학술대회 발표장에서 시상함.
  • 신진 연구자의 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다.

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